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Jane Colby Personal profile and bibliography.
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Jane Colby is now Executive Director of
The Young ME Sufferers Trust
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YA Online is a personal initiative of Jane Colby and Mark Colby. We wanted to create a concentrated resource of solid information from creditable sources for young people with ME, their families and professionals, using the internet to make that information widely and freely available.

ME is the biggest cause of long-term sickness absence from school. It is also the most widely misunderstood of all illnesses. Zoe's Win demonstrates the nature of the illness itself, and shows young people how it is possible to adapt and win through. Further sections of the book provide essential information for doctors, teachers, young people and their families. Details, Reviews and Purchasing Information

"My family and I wanted to thank you for recommending Zoe's Win to us. It is a truly wonderful book and has become my 'bible' - whenever I need to I like to read a few pages for comfort".
Catherine Ogilvie (18 years) in Tymes Magazine

Recommended as "easy to read and very accessible throughout".
Special Children Magazine

"The book is well thought out and very well put together ... sections are short, informative and memorable. I greatly enjoyed reading it."
Dr Darrel Ho-Yen
Consultant Microbiologist
ME Specialist and Author

"Packed with practical advice on how to cope, Zoe's Win advocates collaboration between fellow sufferers, their carers and professional advisers. A truly welcome addition to the ME/CFS literature."
Dr Nigel Hunt
General Practitioner
GP Tutor
Member, Chief Medical Officer's Working Group on CFS/ME

"I would like to order two more copies of the book Zoe's Win by Jane Colby. I ordered one copy a month ago and thought it was wonderful ... my friends thought so too."

"I loved it. I loved the way she described how she felt when she was bad. It was just like me! She really understands. It was so good to read about another kid."
Megan Robinson (9 years) in the Lyndonville News (Dr David Bell’s online newsletter)

About the Author

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Jane Colby's book ME - The New Plague reveals the links between ME and Polio. Interviews with respected UK and US medical professionals show that we are making the same mistakes in the treatment of ME patients that we did with Polio. The resultant potential for damage to future health is described. The book will be of particular value to carers and medical and educational professionals, but fonts, layout and materials have been chosen to ease reading for those with ME.

"ME - The New Plague surpassed my expectations. Jane Colby has done the job RIGHT in addressing the links between polio and ME. Colby's book represents a major contribution to both scientific thinking about ME and care for those with ME. ME - The New Plague is going right to our new Children's Chronic Fatigue Fellow for her to digest from cover to cover!"
Richard L Bruno PHD
Director, Post-Polio and Rehabilitation and Research Service
Kessler Institute
New Jersey

About the Author

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